• 16 May 2024

On 14th May, 2024, OpenAI introduced its latest innovation, the GPT-4o, capable of processing queries in text, images, and audio seamlessly. Meanwhile, Google showcased Project Astra, an advancement in generative AI, poised to rival GPT-4o's capabilities.

  • Google presented its latest Gemini chatbot app versions (Nano, Pro, and Advanced) along with a glimpse of Project Astra, developed by the Google DeepMind team.
  • Project Astra, integrated into the Gemini app on Android phones, utilizes advanced speech models for extended conversations and multitasking capabilities.
  • Google's demo showcased Project Astra's proficiency in understanding environments through a phone's camera, identifying objects, and providing relevant information.
  • The chatbot demonstrated swift comprehension of complex queries, including interpreting drawings and recognizing coding patterns.
  • Google plans to implement similar capabilities in the Circle to Search feature, enabling users to seek solutions by pointing the camera at problems in books.
  • Project Astra aims to enhance contextual understanding, including visual, auditory, and linguistic cues, with plans to roll out features to Pixel phones in the near future.