• 18 May 2024

In May, 2024, Venezuela's only remaining glacier, the Humboldt, has been reclassified as an ice field by climate scientists.

  • The International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI) confirmed that the glacier is now too small to be considered a glacier.
  • The Humboldt glacier has shrunk significantly, with estimates suggesting it has reduced to less than 10 hectares.
  • Experts express concern over the loss of glaciers, attributing it to rising global temperatures due to climate change.
  • Attempts to cover the remaining ice with a thermal blanket have drawn criticism from local climate scientists.
  • The loss of glaciers poses risks to water resources and ecosystems, impacting communities reliant on glacial meltwater.
  • Projections indicate that a substantial portion of the world's glaciers could be lost by 2100 without significant emission reductions.