• 24 May 2024

Plans for a lantern festival in Goa have stirred controversy as environmentalists express concerns over its potential impact on Olive Ridley turtles' nesting site.

  • The festival, 'Glowfest, The Lantern Festival,' was set to release paper lanterns near Morjim beach, close to the endangered turtles' habitat.
  • Despite online ticket sales and promotional videos, Goa's Director of Tourism asserts that no permission was granted for the event due to environmental threats.
  • Environmentalists warn of the festival's adverse effects on the beach's natural ecosystem, wildlife, and marine life, especially during the prolonged turtle-nesting season.
  • With over 10 active Olive Ridley turtle nests on the beach, concerns are raised about the potential hazards posed by biodegradable bamboo or metal wire frames of the lanterns.
  • Organizers claim to mitigate risks by using fire-resistant wires and vow to clean up the venue afterward, but doubts persist regarding the festival's environmental impact.
  • Authorities are urged to cancel the event, with the Deputy Collector directing police to prevent any activities harming the ecological setup in sensitive areas.