International Day of Reflection of 1995 Genocide in Srebrenica

  • 25 May 2024

On May 23rd, 2024, the UN General Assembly designated 11 July as the International Day of Reflection and Commemoration of the 1995 Genocide in Srebrenica.

Key Points

  • Genocide in Srebrenica: On 11th July 1995, Bosnian Serbs overran a U.N.-protected safe area in Srebrenica. They separated at least 8,000 Muslim Bosniak men and boys from their wives, mothers and sisters and slaughtered them.
  • UN Voting: The vote on May 23rd in the 193-member UN General Assembly was 84-19, with 68 abstentions.
  • Resolution Sponsors: Germany, Rwanda, United States, France, Britain, Italy and other 32 c0-sponsors.
  • Opposition to Resolution: The resolution had sparked protests and a lobbying campaign by Serbia's president and the Bosnian Serb leadership to block the adoption.
  • Russia Role: Russia rejected the UN resolution and in 2015, vetoed the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution on the Srebrenica genocide, which was proposed by the United Kingdom and supported by the United States and European Union countries.