21 May: International Tea Day

  • 21 May 2022

The International Tea Day is observed on May 21 every year.

Tea Production in India

  • India is the second-largest producer of tea globally after China and fourth largest exporter.
  • The northern part of India is the biggest producer at about 77% of the total country’s annual tea production with the majority of the production coming from Assam followed by West Bengal. The Assam valley and Cachar are the two tea-producing regions in Assam. In West Bengal, Dooars, Terai and Darjeeling are the three producer regions.
  • The southern part of India produces about 18% of the country’s total production with the major producing states being Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka.

Tea Production and the SDGs

  • Tea production and processing contributes to the reduction of extreme poverty (Goal 1), the fight against hunger (Goal 2), the empowerment of women (Goal 5) and the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems (Goal 15).