Indian Men's Football Team Achieves Sub-100 FIFA Ranking After 2018

  • 22 Jul 2023

The Indian men's football team has entered the sub-100 FIFA ranking for the first time since 2018, securing the 99th spot in the latest FIFA chart.

Key Points:

  • SAFF Championship Triumph: India's achieved the milestone in FIFA ranking following their remarkable victory in the SAFF Championship.
  • Rising Ranks: As India soared in the FIFA ranking, Lebanon also made progress, moving up two places to secure the 100th spot, while Kuwait climbed four places, reaching the 137th position.
  • FIFA Ranking Update: India's latest FIFA ranking reflects their impressive performance, accumulating a total of 1208.69 points.
  • Previous Milestones: The current achievement adds to India's football history, with the team previously achieving its best FIFA ranking of 94th in 1996 and reaching the 99th spot in 1993 and 96th in 2017 and 2018.
  • Global Standings: At the global level, Argentina maintains its top position in the FIFA ranking, followed by France, Brazil, England, and Belgium.
  • Asian Dominance: Within the Asian region, Japan leads the chart, securing the 20th spot in the FIFA ranking. They are followed by Iran, Australia, Korea, and Saudi Arabia, making up the top five countries in Asia.