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Wind Energy & Related Issues

Why is it in News?

From 5,500 MW in 2016-17, capacity addition has plunged to 1600 MW in 2018-19 which have impacted 4000 SMEs that supply components to turbine makers

National Reports On Arms Export/ Imports

Why is it in News?

India is the world’s 2nd largest arms importer as per the reports of SIPRI.

Sirsi Supari

Why is it in News?

‘Sirsi Supari’, grown in Uttara Kannada has become the 1st product from the arecanut sector to get a Geographic Indication (GI) tag.

Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Why is it in News?

A species of wood snake has resurfaced in Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary after 140 years.

Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)

Why is it in News?

Italy has signed up for the Belt & Road Infrastructure Summit in China

Golden Langur

About the Species:

  • Golden Langur is found in a few forest patches of Assam, Tripura and Bhutan only. Due to its restricted habitat it is listed as ‘Endangered’ as per IUCN.
  • Golden Langur mostly prefers evergreen or moist deciduous forests to be their habitat.

Election Commission Of India (ECI)

Why is it in News?

The dates for the General Elections 2019 have been announced by the ECI.

Migratory Birds

Why is it in News?

A Heuglin’s Gull was sighted with a plastic bottle ring around its beak in Kerala recently, which has raised alarm about the plastic wastes present in ocean


Tholpavakoothu is a form of shadow puppetry that is practiced in Kerala

Kulhadar Miniature Painting

What are the Different Styles of Indian Painting?

Indian Paintings can be broadly classified into two groups:

1. Mural Paintings- Found predominantly before 11th Century A.D.

2. Miniature Painting- Found predominantly after 11th Century A.D.

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