ICC Makes Stop-Clock Rule Permanent in White-Ball Cricket

  • 16 Mar 2024

ICC announces the permanent implementation of the stop-clock system in white-ball cricket, effective from the T20 World Cup 2024, to curb time-wasting tactics and ensure timely completion of matches.

  • The system, currently on trial, will be incorporated into standard playing conditions starting from the T20 World Cup 2024.
  • Fielding teams must start a new over within 60 seconds to avoid penalty runs, with two warnings and subsequent breaches resulting in a five-run penalty per incident.
  • The trial period has shown positive results, saving approximately 20 minutes per ODI match.
  • Exceptions to the rule include instances such as a new batter coming to the crease or official drinks intervals.
  • Reserve days approved for T20 World Cup semifinals and final, with specific criteria for minimum overs to constitute a full match.
  • Qualification process outlined for the T20 World Cup 2026, featuring 12 automatic qualifiers and eight positions filled through ICC Regional Qualifiers.