Baltic Sea

  • 23 May 2024

On 22nd May 2024, leaders across the Baltic Sea region expressed concern over reports suggesting Russia's potential revision of territorial waters in the area, labeling it as an escalation demanding a robust response.

  • Russia's Defence Ministry draft proposal hints at updating coordinates for territorial waters off its mainland and Baltic Sea islands, citing outdated maps from 1985.
  • Uncertainty lingers over whether proposed changes would alter the border or merely clarify it, raising diplomatic apprehensions.
  • Baltic leaders, including Lithuania's Foreign Minister, perceive the move as a deliberate attempt to sow doubt and anxiety amidst Russia's military activities near Ukraine.
  • Despite Lithuania's summoning of the Russian representative, Moscow denies intentions to revise territorial borders or waters, attributing the proposal to security concerns.
  • Tensions escalate in the Baltic region, with Finland and Sweden's NATO membership encircling Russia's maritime access points, amplifying geopolitical sensitivities.
  • Amidst growing apprehensions, the Baltic Sea remains a focal point, underscoring the delicate balance of power and security concerns in the region.