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Tribal Communities In India :

Kolam Tribes

Why is it in News?

Kolam tribals of Adilabad district are in fear again of someone casting an evil eye on them after the death of three children of the group. Earlier, the superstitious nature of the tribe often has villagers shifting locations.

Chenchu Tribes

Why is it in News?

Chenchus believe that domesticating Fox ushers an era of fortune to the tribe.

Konyak Dance & Konyak Tribes

Why is it in News?

On 5th April, 2019, around 4,700 Konyak Naga women came together in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the

Apatani & Ziro Valley

Why is it in News?

From 20-30th March, Myoko Festival is celebrated annually in the Ziro Valley by the Apatani Tribe.

Dongria Kondh

Why is it in News?

The Supreme Court has ordered the eviction of nearly 10 lakh forest dwellers whose claims has been rejected, but these tribal groups have decided to resist the order of SC.

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