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Assam adds ‘Bhaskarabda’ as Official Assam Calendar

On 18th October 2021, the Government of Assam has decided to add ‘Bhaskarabda’ in addition to ‘Saka’ and ‘Gregorian’ that will be used in the official calendar.

The local calendar is counted from the date of the ascension of Bhaskaravarman, the 7th-century ruler of Kamrup.

Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Bill-2021 passed by Assembly

On 18th September 2021, the Rajasthan Assembly passed the Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Bill-2021.

  • The Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Bill has provisions for life imprisonment for adulteration of food, or drugs and medicines, making their sale a cognisable and non-bailable offence.
  • The Bill mainly seeks to empower Food Safety Officers and Drug Inspectors, as well as address the differences in punishment for food adulteration under various laws.

Meghalaya Enterprise Architecture Project (MeghEA)

On 17th September 2021, Meghalaya Enterprise Architecture Project (MeghEA) was launched.

  • Meghalaya has become the first state to implement IndEA as MeghEA and promote Enterprise Architecture to digitise governance process.

Punjab to roll out 'Mera Kaam Mera Maan' Scheme

The Govt. of Punjab has decided to roll out a new scheme called 'Mera Kaam Mera Maan' which will help the unemployed youth in the state to hone their skills ...

Four New Districts to come up in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel announced the creation of four new districts along with 18 tehsils during his 15th August address on 75th Independence Day.The new districts that will come ...

Rise in Cases of Child Marriage

The data from Social Welfare Department of Assam shows that there is an increase in cases of child marriages in the state.Area SpecificMost of the cases of child marriage are ...

‘Navajeevan’ Project: Livelihood to above 50 People

The Labour Department of Kerala will implement Navajeevan, a project to provide a means of livelihood to those in the 50-65 age group.FeaturesThose in the 50-65 age group who have ...

Bill on Death Penalty in Illicit Liquor Cases Cleared

On 10th August 2021, the Madhya Pradesh Assembly passed the Madhya Pradesh Excise (Amendment) Bill, 2021 prescribing capital punishment and life imprisonment in cases related to deaths caused by consumption ...

‘Pani Maah’ observation in Ladakh

Under Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM), Pani Maah (Water Month) is being observed by the UT of Ladakh in two phases.Pani Maah is a comprehensive 1-month campaign which was launched on ...

‘Unnati’ Scheme: No more dependency on MGNREGS

The Kerala Govt. has launched ‘Unnati’ scheme to reduce workers’ dependency on MGNREGS and ensure jobs with better wages.Finer Points of the SchemeThe ‘Unnati’ project will provide skill training to ...

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